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Ancient Theodova Ancient Theodova Dragon Kings rule the southern shore of the Serpente Sea One of the most powerful kingdoms on the Serpente Sea during the Age of Empires, The… , ,
Arrendel Arrendel Patron of Travel and New Beginnings Arrendel is the Patron of Travel within the Celestial Court. He, along with several others, support those elves w… , ,
Beewee Beewee pc stub ,
Bloodstaff War Bloodstaff War The Bloodstaff War is the name of the battles fought in the Rakarian Valley centered around the city of Bornheim. Although the war was hundreds … , , , ,
Bzynathim Bzynathim Statistics Capitol AndaliOfficial Languages(s) IrillianRegional Languages(s) various dialectsReligion irrishiteDemonym IrillianGovernment Const… , , ,
Casis Casis Black-handed devil Casis was a titanic coal-black devil who killed thousands on Miranda. His demonic army was small, but their fanaticism drove them to … ,
Charr Grot Charr Grot Charr Grot (Charred Home) is the closest nation to claim lands near the Blasted Lands. The orcs of Charr Grot make several heavily armed expeditions… , , , ,
Dakarians Dakarians The Dakarians are several tribes of northmen who were led out of the endless snows by the dwarves of Stoneheart Hold. They had been driven from their… , ,
Eishen Eishen Eishen Evenki Islands worship of the goddess-dragon Eisha Skyries This is the title used for those warriors who have gained control of a dragon. Thes…
Ellowyn Ellowyn Queen of the Celestial Court Ellowyn is a powerful faerie lady and beloved daughter of the Seelie Queen. Nevertheless, she was banished from the fae l… , ,
Empire of Jadqar Empire of Jadqar nation elyssian age_of_empires stub , , ,
Evenki Islands Evenki Islands These volcanic rock islands are located in the northern western quadrant of the White Sea straddling the polar circle. These islands are inhabit… , , ,
Fae Courts Fae Courts There are many fae courts located what is generally referred to as the Fae Lands; however each of the three largest courts are larger than all of th…
Gelin Gelin Dark Ages See Also: Dark Ages One of the new masters, Gelin, forged a plan to save him. Each of the cities contained a giant crystal that served to gat…
Hammerzeit Clan Hammerzeit Clan Small dwarven clan comprised mostly of merchants stub
Heimmelstang Heimmelstang holding mladovo stub , ,
Helonia Helonia Goddess of lust, wealth, and idleness. Organization Temples Symbology Worshippers Rituals Legends deity gods temple_of_light stub , , ,
Irrillian Thieves' Guild Irrillian Thieves' Guild The Guild, as it is more commonly called, is an old organization dating back to the Irillian Empire. Before the rule of Shadowhawk, it…
Jadqar Jadqar Colloquially known as the “Children of the Sun”, the people of Jadqar are known as a scholarly people whose philosophy of individuality and an all-being… , , , ,
Janos Janos Janos is older and more cantankerous than just about anyone else. He loves to remind everyone of their youth and inexperience; although he displays no ob… , , , ,
Lannoth the Lich King Lannoth the Lich King Lannoth was a powerful wizard who had been thought long dead. One day, phoenix_force came across an old magical lodestone. Hellstrom Dark…
Magi Magi The magi are humanoids that were created by the Sha’rek’ta and taught how to manipulate essence. These immortals have far outlived their creators and see … , ,
Megarius the blacksmith Megarius the blacksmith Megarius is a human blacksmith born in the area of Selcaria. He traveled with Duncan and Hafwyn until Duncan's death and rebirth. It is… , , ,
Mouriai Mouriai The largest city in an area of land in the Western Realms commonly called the Valley of the Sun. Cut through with multiple northeast to southwest river… , , ,
Mr. Canders Mr. Canders Statistics Occupation: Guide and MusicianNationality: noneFamily: noneLifetime: 271 AH -Religion: Faerie QueensEthnicity: Tigar, Liminal History T… , , , ,
Ollonni Ollonni Ollonni is the proprietor of the Watchers' House, a rather strange establishment that moves about near the Blasted Lands. Ollonni has been the manager … , , , ,
Outer Realms Outer Realms The Outer Realms are comprised of both the Divine Realms and the Infernal Realms. These realms are home to the gods and devils who were fashioned … , ,
Qadari Dynasty Qadari Dynasty History Proto-Qadari Period In 2174 AM, the Rakkarians attacked north along the Oskol river using large flat-bottomed barges to protect their … , , , ,
Ragash Ragash Statistics Occupation: BrewerNationality: Charr GrotFamily: noneLifetime: xxxReligion: Sleeping OneEthnicity: Orc, charr History Timeline Date Event… , , , ,
Rinadal Rinadal Patron of the Hunter and Hunted fae celestial_court stub , ,
Rinnadal Rinnadal Patron of Hunters and Hunted Rinnadal is the patran of the hunters and hunted. He represents the duality of the chase. His followers are often grante… , ,
Techiuan Techiuan Techiuan is one of the Fallen Gods who is bound to the world. Techiuan gave his divinity freely so the Earthmother could contain the Heart of Mir. He … ,
Terrante Family Terrante Family Statistics History See Also The Erasmus household is one of the richest families in the city-state of Libero. For more than 150 years, they … , , , ,
The Great Machines The Great Machines The great machines were built by The Ancientsto extract a larger amount of essence from the heart of the Empyrean Dragon Mir which is at th…
The Sword of Truth The Sword of Truth The Sword of Truth is a weapon that was created during the Age of Magic. The why of its crafting has been lost to the ages. Be it enough to…
Theodova Theodova Egalitarian City-States along the shores of the Serpente Sea A collection of independent city-states with a shared cultural history located along the… , , ,
White Sea White Sea The White Sea is located north of Carthia. This sea is called the White Sea not only for the large number of icebergs, but also because the choppines…
Wind and Water Wind and Water The Wind and Water is the primary religion among the hashan, regardless of where they live. The natural biological clock of the hashan ebbs and … ,
Wǎk Wǎk Wǎk is one of the Redeemed, a devil that has cast off the Infernal Realms and bound themselves to the world. He lives in the Blackthorn Mountains where he … ,
Zeuxis Zarkadis Zeuxis Zarkadis pc stub ,