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Agustus Pius Agustus Pius Agustus images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Agustus Titurius Atellus Selcarius Pius House xxx Father xxx Mother xxx P… , , , , ,
Bachmann vonRichten Bachmann vonRichten He is the grandson of the powerful hero, and royal champion, Sir Gibson of Graymanor. While he never inherited his family lands, he was alw… , ,
Chung Zhu Chung Zhu Chung Zhu images Consort xxx Issue none Full Name xxx Father xxx Mother xxx Born dd mmm yyyy Religion Zarn Race human… , , , ,
Durinthi Durinthi Possibly one of the oldest elves living in Miranda he remembers clearly Ellowyn calling his spirit to this world and being placed into this dying shel… , , ,
Eleleno the Lion Eleleno the Lion Race: Irillian HumanSex: MaleAge: 46Status: King of Eleleno (in Selcaria) Background Before he became King Eleleno, he was known as Lord Elele… ,
Imirio I Imirio I Imirio I (Imirio Sispurus, born 1412) is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Aquileia. He gained the throne in 1442 when the then current king, Aqui… , , ,
Karag Giantslayer Karag Giantslayer Karag images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Karag Giantslayer of the Longwalk clan Clan Longwalk Father xxx Mother … , , , ,
Ludwig Ludwig Aaron's character Ludwig images Born xxx Occupation Warrior Father xxx Mother xxx Religion temple_of_light Race Human National… , , ,
Lut Lut Capsule Lut images Reign xx Coronation xx Predecessor xx Heir-apparent xx Consort xxx Issue xx Full Name xxx House xx F… , , ,
Mavros the Red Mavros the Red Mavros images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name xxx Father unknown Mother unknown Born dd mmm yyyy Religion none Rac… , , ,
Nikolaos Leonov Nikolaos Leonov See Also: GM Only Leads organization determined to tear down the Dakarian throne. Nikolaos Leonov images Born 411 Occupation Landed … , , ,
Raven Raven Raven images Consort none Issue none Full Name unknown House unknown Father unknown Mother unknown Born dd mmm yyyy Religio… , , ,
Reiner I Reiner I Reiner I (Lukas son of Arnould) was crowned the first ruler of the Kingdom of Dakar when they pacified much of the Zun River valley. He spent very lit… , , ,
Riverheart Riverheart Riverheart is like most Hashan, open, inquisitive, chatty and quick to forgive. She has traveled on the great boats to far-away places, slew many fo… , , , ,
Sir Henri of Longworth Sir Henri of Longworth Race: Irillian HumanSex: MaleAge: 58Status: Retired to manor in Selcaria Background Sir Henri is more than just another knight of the re…
The Great B'zahir The Great B'zahir Race: Blackblood OrcSex: FemaleAge: 26Status: Outcast Shaman Background Zahir was born under the sign of the Serpent on a particularly auspic… , , ,