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A Great Man's Madness A Great Man's Madness See Also: Bardic Knowledge Keribrar, who had missed the clash around his life tree, was visiting Ragash at her brewery. She is the only… , ,
A Thing Called Change A Thing Called Change See Also: Bardic Knowledge Hafwyn sneaks up to the castle and watches the comings and goings of the people. A line of petitioners have … , ,
A Trusty Companion A Trusty Companion See Also: Bardic Knowledge When the sun rises Lady Anne Mowbry has still not risen. The color to her skin has returned, but her breathing … , ,
Between Freedom and Happiness Between Freedom and Happiness See Also: Bardic Knowledge Lady Anne Mowbry takes the two Seirian back to the riddlepillars while Hafwyn, Quilate, Keribrar, an… , ,
Bound to War and Hate Bound to War and Hate See Also: Bardic Knowledge Hafwyn, Thorne, and Kukla go to the Watchers' House to get Kukla and Thorne treatment for their wounds. Ollo… , ,
Fountainhead Fountainhead See Also: GM Notes This is the first story arc in the Legacy of Marak campaign. Plot Campaign: Legacy of MarakPrevious Story: NoneNext Story: Un… ,
Freya Snowstomper Freya Snowstomper Fiella (Fiella lánya Coalbeard clan Snowstomper) has always been good with people. Friendly and outgoing she was skilled at listening and rem… , , ,
Hafwyn Hafwyn Hafwyn is strange for an elf. She very quiet, and much like a caged wolf when in busy areas. She has long, unkempt gray hair and wears very primitive cl… , , , ,
History is a Cyclic Poem History is a Cyclic Poem See Also: Bardic Knowledge Lady Anne Mowbry, Keribrar, and Quilate planned to meet the others at the Veridian Vault former location … , ,
Janos Janos Janos is older and more cantankerous than just about anyone else. He loves to remind everyone of their youth and inexperience; although he displays no ob… , , , ,
Keribrar Keribrar Keribrar always loved his dusty old books. If he had one saying in his life it was “I've read a book on that!” A slight-framed elf, he would seem a ra… , , ,
Kukla Kukla Kukla is a kobold newly into the transition phase of his life. He had hoped to return to his village before the transformation took place, but he was pul… , ,
Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Statistics Occupation: MagicianNationality: Kingdom of DakarFamily:Lifetime:Religion:Ethnicity: Human, Dakarians History E… , , , ,
Legacy of Marak Legacy of Marak See Also: Bardic Knowledge This campaign was built using Spark of Fate and the game system used is a Fate CORE with a few ideas pulled from ot… ,
Mr. Canders Mr. Canders Statistics Occupation: Guide and MusicianNationality: noneFamily: noneLifetime: 271 AH -Religion: Faerie QueensEthnicity: Tigar, Liminal History T… , , , ,
Ollonni Ollonni Ollonni is the proprietor of the Watchers' House, a rather strange establishment that moves about near the Blasted Lands. Ollonni has been the manager … , , , ,
Quilate Quilate Statistics Occupation: Mystic Artifact HunterNationality: Blazing GloryFamily: noneLifetime: 437-Religion: Jundari AesirEthnicity: Jundari History Ear… , ,
Ragash Ragash Statistics Occupation: BrewerNationality: Charr GrotFamily: noneLifetime: xxxReligion: Sleeping OneEthnicity: Orc, charr History Timeline Date Event… , , , ,
Seirian Seirian Seirian is a Selkie, a type of fae that resembles a seal while in the water. When traveling to the mortal plane she often found the most enjoyment in t… , ,
The Enemy of my Enemy The Enemy of my Enemy See Also: Bardic Knowledge Hafwyn, Keribrar, Lady Anne Mowbry, and Thorne get back safely to the Veridian Vault with Quilate. His injur… , ,
The Hand of Days Gone The Hand of Days Gone See Also: Bardic Knowledge A voice from the Past Quilate flies off to seek treatment for his wounds. Anne and Thorne spend time lookin… , ,
The Past is Never Dead The Past is Never Dead See Also: Bardic Knowledge Blackhouse When the sun rises Quilate and Keribrar begin the day by fixing up the shop they are currently … , ,
The Slumber Years The Slumber Years See Also: Bardic Knowledge The Woke Lady Anne Lady Anne Mowbry wakes up in a parlor playing some unknown game with a barrel-chested man. … , ,
The Spirits of Yesteryear The Spirits of Yesteryear See Also: Bardic Knowledge Thorne takes the Ash Hunter to see Ollonni who agrees to clean out the dry cellar of the Watchers' House… , ,
Thorne Thorne Thorne is sidhe that has managed to avoid most of the intrigue of the courts as he explores his desires on the mortal world. he has traveled back and fo… , , ,
To Forgive is Divine To Forgive is Divine See Also: Bardic Knowledge Keribrar and Quilate return to the Veridian Vault but never reach reach it when they are recognized while pas… , ,
To Live Alone To Live Alone See Also: Bardic Knowledge Lady Anne Mowbry, Keribrar, Thorne, Hafwyn, Quilate, and Seirian join the other honorblades of the Blackthorn Clan f… , ,