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A Horror from an Ancient War A Horror from an Ancient War See Also: Bardic Knowledge Baron Ulrichstein holds a council of war. Due to their involvement and an other factors Sofiya, Amer… , , ,
Adventure awaits, but so does Intrigue Adventure awaits, but so does Intrigue See Also: Bardic Knowledge Amer Terrante, a merchant for the vulfgrau_trading_house, arrives a few weeks after the me… , , ,
Aiwyn Aiwyn Aiwyn Rogerson is a Priest of Taur who has suffered in this life. He lost his wife, eldest son, and two daughters to a fever and never fully recovered. H… , ,
An insult of the worst sort An insult of the worst sort See Also: Bardic Knowledge During the witching hour Sofiya receives a note from the circle instructing her to gather as much inf… , , ,
Blacks Tavern Blacks Tavern Blacks Tavern is more than cozy, it is small and crowded. Built along the river wall in Ulrichstein this tavern is named not for its owner, but t… , ,
Clash of the Titans Clash of the Titans See Also: Bardic Knowledge After speaking with Father Baldar everyone is concerned about the plot of land blasted by Siguard of the Stor… , , ,
Dayshun Necropolis Dayshun Necropolis This sprawling stone necropolis is dedicated to Dayshun of Rarrick a disciple of Taur and patron saint of Glorification of the Dead. Legends… , , ,
Knights Hall Tavern Knights Hall Tavern This fine establishment, the Knights Hall Tavern, is frequented by those seeking an audience with the Baron of Ulrichstein. Serving the bes… , ,
Like a bad penny – Karina is back Like a bad penny – Karina is back See Also: Bardic Knowledge It is a grave meeting at the shop. The news of Father Dominic and a dark wizard watching the sh… , , ,
Man of Silver Man of Silver See Also: Bardic Knowledge That night they light the skull and get their bearings towards the village west of Luckau where another attack happ… , , ,
Necropolis Necropolis See Also: Bardic Knowledge Sawmill of the Dead Xarth runs to the door and braces himself, while Ian Fist and Sofiya move up to cover him. With a… , , ,
New Enemies in the Shadows New Enemies in the Shadows See Also: Bardic Knowledge Two days pass…. Amer Terrante spends most of his time trying to spend as much time as possible near V… , , ,
Returned to Ulrichstein Returned to Ulrichstein See Also: Bardic Knowledge Xarth led the way north followed by a very silent Ian Fist. Brizanthimus and Sofiya trailed behind at a d… , , ,
So arrives the specialist So arrives the specialist See Also: Bardic Knowledge Summer 457 It has been two months since Sofiya received an official charter from Baron Ulrichstein to … , , ,
The Dusk before the Dawn The Dusk before the Dawn See Also: Bardic Knowledge When Gerhard returns to the store everyone is waiting for him. There is a very difficult struggle as Ger… , , ,
The first sign of the coming evil The first sign of the coming evil See Also: Bardic Knowledge As Xarth and Esandeor are making their way deeper into the woods they are ambushed. The two elv… , , ,
The Master Overthrown The Master Overthrown See Also: Bardic Knowledge In the morning Ian Fist goes in search of Master Baldewin. He finds him on the commons helping his people t… , , ,
The Wizard Watches The Wizard Watches See Also: Bardic Knowledge Once back at the store, Esandeor explains that the attack was probably because of his status with the elves. W… , , ,
Wood River Inn Wood River Inn The Wood River Inn has been owned by Berchtwald since Y451 AH. Located along the main street of Ulrichstein near the eastern gate it is a favori… , , ,