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Basilisk Basilisk Often called the king of serpents, a basilisk is a legendary reptile who can kill with a simple gaze. It is a small snake, measuring no more than twel… , , , , ,
Drake Drake Drakes were created by the dragons as they indirectly warred with each other. For thousands of years these intelligent, but not sentient, creatures sprea… ,
Fire Drake Fire Drake A fire drake is a subspecies of the wyvern commonly found among the high mountains and plateaus of the tropics. One of the largest wyverns it can re… , , ,
Gray Viper Gray Viper The Gray Viper is a pit viper found only in the Dread Forest, there is no recognized sub-species. Description Adults usually grow between 91–152 c… , , , , ,
Gray Wyvern Gray Wyvern The gray wyvern (commonly simply called a Wyvern) is the most common wyvern and the one most likely depicted on heraldry and in legends. whatever i… , , , ,
Great Wyvern Great Wyvern Although commonly considered the largest wyvern, the Great Wyvern, actually only shares a common ancestor. The great wyvern is challenged by few p… , , , ,
Ice Drake Ice Drake The ice drake is the only wyvern adapted to the water. Its legs having thick membrane between its fingers enabling them to acts as rudders in the wat… , , ,
Iron Viper Iron Viper The Iron Viper is a large pit viper found along the Zun River or the larger rivers north of the Caragan Sea. Considering highly aggressive and terri… , , ,
Muddy Crocodile Muddy Crocodile Feared by the people who work along the muddy rivers of the southern deltas, the Muddy Crocodile is a fierce hunter with a voracious appetite. … , , ,
Ridged Alligator Ridged Alligator The Ridged Alligator is a species of crocodilia native to southwestern Miran. They are known for being very aggressive. Large enough to overtu… , , ,
Sha’rek’ta Sha’rek’ta Sha’rek’ta image Other Names Dragonman Temporal Range Age of the Ancients See Also Ecology Statistics reptile dragon biome_any , ,
Snakes Snakes Redstep Viper This five-foot poisonious snake is found in the dense woods of Selcaria and the Pah'Shar territories. A member of the pit viper family th… ,
Timber Wyvern Timber Wyvern The Timber Wyvern is a sub-species of the wyvern found in the large hardwood and pine forests. Description The smallest of all wyverns, they ty… , ,
Wyvern Wyvern The wyvern is a group of dragon-like flying reptiles with two hind legs and poisonous barbed tails. Although many people think they are related to a dra… ,