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Angel Angel Angels are the most powerful beings of the divine realms that do not have the power of creation within them. They are used as the personal messengers of … ,
Avatar Avatar An avatar is the only method the gods, devils, or demons can enter the Shadow Realms after the creation of Heaven's Gate. An avatar is created by formin…
Celestial Celestial A bond of spiritual and divine power A celestial is the opposing nature of a demon. It is created by the gods and filled with divine purpose and spi… ,
Child of Zarn Child of Zarn A holy creature of unholy purpose Zarn is a god of the Divine Realms driven by his purpose to reunify all of creation, before their were gods an… ,
Danshi Danshi Demon Prince of Slaughter Danshi is a Demon Prince who lives with his eternal followers in the vast blood sands of Harunduch. Typically seen as male an… , ,
Demon Demon Foot Soldiers of the Infernal Realms A demon is a creation of the Infernal Realms, given purpose by the un-life wielded by Devils and their ilk. The dem… ,
Earth Spirit Earth Spirit An Earth Spirit is a spirit that has stayed in the mortal plane long enough to become bonded with the world. Most often this bond lasts less than … , , ,
Esideor Esideor The esideor are spirits from some of the darkest planes of the shadow lands. They typically appear as massive spiders with a dark black-blue carapace. …
Fae Fae See also: Sidhe Faerie creatures are those that dwell within the Shadow Realms, in an area of it commonly called the Fae Lands. Like the Divine Realms or … , ,
Ifrit Ifrit An Ifrit (plural: Ifriti) is a jinn of the Realm of Fire. Ifrit tend to be arrogant, combative, and mercurial in nature. On their home realm they tend to… , ,
Jinn Jinn A jinn is a sentient creature of the Elemental Realms whose body is comprised of an element intermingled with some small measure of the creation. This mak… ,
Shaddite Shaddite Appearing as a vaguely humanoid torso floating in a cloud of translucent grayish smoke, the shaddite is not a native of this realm. Instead, it comes … , , ,
Sidhe Sidhe See also: Fae Sidhe is the proper name for the spirit beings that dwell within the Twilight Lands. Their lands are close to the Mortal Plane, but not as… ,