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Alexandria Alexandria capsule Capsule Country Republic of Irill - Region xxx - Founded yyyy ah Ruler Dom Juveal Valente - Government Landowner Land … , , ,
Andali Andali Located on the eastern shore of the lower third of the Caragan Sea, the city of Andali is currently the capitol of the Republic of Irill. This ancient c… , ,
Arapis Arapis Elven Occupied Irillian City Once known as Prima Dues, this city was the center of power for the Holy Irillian Empire (also called the Second Empire). … , ,
Castello Castello capsule Capsule Country Republic of Irill - Region xxx - Founded yyyy ah Ruler Dom Ignanni Orbel - Government Landholder Land Ar… , , ,
Crow Crow Whether the name is true for him or just a title, Crow best depicts the current man that holds this position. He is the spymaster for the court of Ellenda… , , , , , , ,
Devari Devari village 800 people irill holding nonte , ,
Irillian Legion Irillian Legion The Irillian Legion is a large tactical unit of Irill. The legions have been the sword and shield against the enemies of Irill. They have conqu… ,
Irillian Military Irillian Military Probably considered the most professional army anywhere on Miranda. The Irillian Army has never been completely defeated since their creation… ,
Lord Doisius Lord Doisius The first king of the Kingdom of Irill, Lord Diosius was a man who did not suffer fools. He was renown not simply for his tactical skill, but as a… , ,
Mouriai Mouriai The largest city in an area of land in the Western Realms commonly called the Valley of the Sun. Cut through with multiple northeast to southwest river… , , ,
Praetis Danos Praetis Danos Praetis Danos is an Irillian Trading Company founded by Lesscrag Stonehefter. Leescrag is the sole owner of the company; although he does sell st…
The Gathering The Gathering See Also: Case Files (GM Only) Many unique people were gathered at a small cove south of Valparia where they were transported to a small island … , ,
War of the Sun Valley War of the Sun Valley The war was started when an army from the Kingdom of Dakar entered the fertile northwestern valleys held by the Republic of Irill in 448 … , , ,
Zarin River Zarin River The Zarin River runs along the border between the Valley of the Sun, Druyen Highlands, and Irill. Although not a particularly long river, it is bo… ,