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Alchemy Alchemy In balance with the ability of a magician to summon forth vast powers is the ability of the alchemist to store that mystical energy inside of physical … , ,
Armor Armor Defense Body Armor Class Slash Crush Pierce Energy Flesh None 0 0 0 0 Cloth None 1 0 0 0 Animal Hide Light … ,
Battle Cry Battle Cry In honor of this second issue I thought I would reinforce the idea that one should never underestimate their opponent. I bring this up because I los… , ,
Clerical Nature Clerical Nature Lets talk clerics. These men and women of the cloth devote their lives to serving the gods. In exchange the gods are more apt to intervene in t… , ,
Dwarven Trench Fighting Dwarven Trench Fighting This fighting style was developed by the dwarves for fighting within their mines, trenches, and sheer cliffs of their homeland. It is b…
Elven Archery Elven Archery Elven archers are known and feared throughout the lands. This art combines stealth, concealment, and ambush tactics to give them an edge. Archery… ,
Elven Blade Dancing Elven Blade Dancing This technique grew out of an earlier art form where elves would dance between flashing blades, while carrying one of their own. This was t…
HERO System HERO System See also Hero Games My personal favorite system and the one I reach for first. My first incarnation of my game world was started under the HERO 4t…
Magic Multipowers Magic Multipowers A question that has recently come up has been the capability of magicians to use Elemental Controls (EC) or Multipowers (MP) to avoid having … , ,
Schticks Schticks Whether a brawny slugger or lithe darters a warrior is far more than just copy of every other warrior. Listed below are a few different shticks that c… ,
Super Talents Super Talents One of the ways to divide the amateurs from the true professionals is through the use of super-talents. As described by HERO this is the use of P… ,
Tattered Scrolls Tattered Scrolls In the realms of magic there are hundreds of possibilities that often seem only limited by the imagination of the GM and players. While my cur… , ,
Way of the Warrior Way of the Warrior I understand that unlike magic, the HERO system doesn't have a good base for character advancement; however, using super-talents and some en… , ,