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Black Shark Tavern Black Shark Tavern The Black Shark Tavern, more commonly called Dead Eyes, is a rundown bar tucked among the warehouses near the port in Valparia. If there was… ,
Brandt Brandt Brandt is a rogue who is part owner of the Black Shark Tavern and uses it to run a small gang in Valparia. He was a man of average height and slightly a… , , ,
Silver Cup Tavern Silver Cup Tavern The Silver Cup Tavern is a well-to-do tavern along the Merchants Row of Valparia. Vik bought the tavern in Y441 AH after the previous owner d… ,
The first step is tangled in a web of lies The first step is tangled in a web of lies See Also: Bardic Knowledge Sofiya had been on the island with Lord Nikolaos and his co-conspirators for several w… , , ,
Twin Swans Inn Twin Swans Inn The Twin Swans Inn is a three-story building just east of the Warehouse Center in Valparia. The carvings and chipped gilting reveal it was once … , ,