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Elves Elves For most of those on Miranda the elves are a tall and stately people known to be generous in peace and terrible in war. It was an elven army that destroy… ,
Fire Drake Fire Drake A fire drake is a subspecies of the wyvern commonly found among the high mountains and plateaus of the tropics. One of the largest wyverns it can re… , , ,
Giant Giant Largest Humanoids on Miranda The very first giants were created by the devils to aid them in their war with the gods during the Age of the Gods. When th… ,
Gray Wyvern Gray Wyvern The gray wyvern (commonly simply called a Wyvern) is the most common wyvern and the one most likely depicted on heraldry and in legends. whatever i… , , , ,
Great Wyvern Great Wyvern Although commonly considered the largest wyvern, the Great Wyvern, actually only shares a common ancestor. The great wyvern is challenged by few p… , , , ,
Hashan Hashan Hashan are a small humanoid species that resemble a cross between short human and otter. They typically build their communities on or near the shoreline… ,
Humans Humans Humans represent the largest population on Miranda, numbering almost 200 million. Therefore, they serve as the base upon which all other races are compa… ,
Ice Drake Ice Drake The ice drake is the only wyvern adapted to the water. Its legs having thick membrane between its fingers enabling them to acts as rudders in the wat… , , ,
Jundari Jundari A species of winged humanoids prefers to live up in the highest mountains in great colonies called aeries. It is from here they hunt with the Thunderha… ,
Kithkin Kithkin A kithkin appears as a menage of the larger cats, crossbred with humans. However anyone mentioning this fact will likely wish they hadn’t during the la… ,
Magi Magi The magi are humanoids that were created by the Sha’rek’ta and taught how to manipulate essence. These immortals have far outlived their creators and see … , ,
Marlot Marlot The Marlot are a sub-species of the shaktar, along with the Shoag and Zeti. They are believed to be currently extinct with the last known sighting durin… ,
Merfolk Merfolk Humanoid upper torso with a fish tail instead of legs. liminal sentient ,
Montuk Montuk Field Guide Habitat Tundra, IcepackAggressive 7Occurrence 3Social ClanSee Also none Description These large hairy bipeds stand over seven foot a… ,
Ogre Ogre Ogres are tall muscular humanoids sparsely covered in hair. They were created by the gods during the Age of the Gods to fight the demons. For years the og… ,
Orc Orc Orcs would make the perfect soldiers. Their tusks and claws give them natural weapons, but do not hamper their use of crafted weapons. Their powerful bodie… ,
Shaktar Shaktar The Shaktar are a species of dragonmen whose ancestors are believed to be The Ancients, who were the first intelligent species on Miranda. As an intell… ,
Shandau Shandau Field Guide Habitat AnyAggressive 9Occurrence 3Social SolitarySee Also none Description Quite possibly one of the smallest mortal races anywher… ,
Shoag Shoag The shoag are the most numerous of the shaktar species. They believe that they are the truest descendants of the Ancients and given their physical resemb… ,
Timber Wyvern Timber Wyvern The Timber Wyvern is a sub-species of the wyvern found in the large hardwood and pine forests. Description The smallest of all wyverns, they ty… , ,
Troll Troll Highly Adaptable and Very Hungry Trolls are creatures that were first seen on Miranda during the Dark Ages. Many scholars believe that trolls used to be… ,
Trollkin Trollkin Description A trollkin is some type of cousin to the mountain trolls. At first this diminutive creature might be mistaken for an young troll, but tha… ,
Zeti Zeti The Zeti are one of the species of Shaktar found on Miranda. They are the smallest and least intelligent of the shaktar. They are capable of using simple … ,