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Fire Drake Fire Drake A fire drake is a subspecies of the wyvern commonly found among the high mountains and plateaus of the tropics. One of the largest wyverns it can re… , , ,
Gray Wyvern Gray Wyvern The gray wyvern (commonly simply called a Wyvern) is the most common wyvern and the one most likely depicted on heraldry and in legends. whatever i… , , , ,
Great Wyvern Great Wyvern Although commonly considered the largest wyvern, the Great Wyvern, actually only shares a common ancestor. The great wyvern is challenged by few p… , , , ,
Ice Drake Ice Drake The ice drake is the only wyvern adapted to the water. Its legs having thick membrane between its fingers enabling them to acts as rudders in the wat… , , ,
Shandau Shandau Field Guide Habitat AnyAggressive 9Occurrence 3Social SolitarySee Also none Description Quite possibly one of the smallest mortal races anywher… ,
Timber Wyvern Timber Wyvern The Timber Wyvern is a sub-species of the wyvern found in the large hardwood and pine forests. Description The smallest of all wyverns, they ty… , ,
Troll Troll Highly Adaptable and Very Hungry Trolls are creatures that were first seen on Miranda during the Dark Ages. Many scholars believe that trolls used to be… ,
Trollkin Trollkin Description A trollkin is some type of cousin to the mountain trolls. At first this diminutive creature might be mistaken for an young troll, but tha… ,