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Bellador Bellador The Bellador is an household fae commonly associated underground root and wine cellars. They keep the fruits of your labor fresh - or spoil them shoul… , , ,
Demon Demon Foot Soldiers of the Infernal Realms A demon is a creation of the Infernal Realms, given purpose by the un-life wielded by Devils and their ilk. The dem… ,
Dragon Dragon The dragons of Miranda are blood descendants of Mir who is imprisoned in the Sun that Miranda orbits. When the gods tore out Mir's heart and used it to …
Grimshaw Grimshaw A Grimshaw is a winged demon that appears like a small anteater with oversized wings. It is a solitary hunter with a voracious appetite. It feeds by g… , ,
Lich Lich A Lich is a powerful undead creature embodied with a spirit or soul. A Lich typically results from someone skilled enough in magic to bind their soul to a… , ,
Shadow Lord Shadow Lord The Shadow Lords were accidentally brought to the mortal plane when Aesir opened a gateway to the Land of Clouds to bring forth the spirits of sun … ,
Sha’rek’ta Sha’rek’ta Sha’rek’ta image Other Names Dragonman Temporal Range Age of the Ancients See Also Ecology Statistics reptile dragon biome_any , ,
Vampire Vampire A Vampire is a powerful undead creature that survives by feeding on the “life force” (blood) of their victims. As long as a vampire continues to feed t… , , ,
Vampyre Vampyre A Vampyre is not undead and not a true vampire; although a vampyre would consider themselves the only true vampire as they are the direct ancestors of … ,