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 ====== Silver ====== ====== Silver ======
-//See Also: [[wp>​Silver]]//​ 
 +**Silver** is one of the [[lore:​noble metals]] prized not just for fashion or coinage, but by magicians for its properties. Silver possesses the highest magical conductivity of any of the noble or [[wp>​transition metal|transition metals]]. It is also found in many alloys like [[lore:​Seldane]] and [[lore:​Magesilver]].
-Along with gold and copper, Silver is one of the [[wp>​noble metal]]s found on [[atlas:​Miranda]]. It is highly prized for its corrosion and oxidation resistance, but more importantly for its magical properties. 
 +===== Applications =====
-===== Magic ===== 
-While materially gold may be more fashionable among the wealthy, silver is far more popular among the magicians of Miranda. Silver possesses the highest magical conductivity of any of the noble or [[wp>​transition metal]]s. This makes silver the most common metal found on any number of magical devices or used for magical research. While it is possible for a magician to make due with copper, it makes drawing and controlling magic more difficult.+===== See Also =====
-===== Alloys ===== +{[tag>​material ​silver}}
- +
-It addition to the common ​[[wp>​List_of_alloys|alloys]] found in our world, there are those only found on Miranda. +
- +
- +
-==== Magesilver ==== +
- +
-Magesilver is a alloy of silver (93%), copper (4%), and platinum (2%) along with tin and other impurities. It is highly prized by magicians due to its increased hardness over pure silver without any noticeable reduction in its magical properties. Creating this alloy is a well-guarded secret, with each smith using their own variation of the alloy. +
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