The dragons of Miranda are blood descendants of Mir who is imprisoned in the Sun that Miranda orbits. When the gods tore out Mir's heart and used it to create Miranda it infused the world with her power. That power is what gave rise to the first dragons.

The power of Mir flows through the dragons and all can use at least some of her power. The longer a dragon lives the more powerful it becomes, especially if it can consume others of Mir's blood, un-life, or The Creation. Should a dragon consume too much of either un-life or The Creation, it will leave the Shadow Realms and go to the [lore:Divine Realms]] or Infernal Realms. If a dragon goes to the Divine Realms it will be hunted and killed by the gods, so dragons prefer to eat the creations of devils.

All dragons possess at least the intelligence and cunning of other mortals; although they are not mortals because they do not have a spirit. While they seem to be driven only by their insatiable lust to consume and destroy, many dragons are only possessed of the overwhelming desire from Mir during times close to their creation. Their creation is not a yearly event - instead it is a solar cycle that matches their creation. The closer the cycle is to what it was when they are created - the more consumed they become of Mir's unquenchable desire.

The appearance of a dragon is as different as their personalities. Like their progenitor most are serpent-like with a large head on one end and a tapering tail on the other. Most of them have skin that appears to be leathery or covered in scales. While it may appear that all serpents descend in some what from dragons, this is not true.

Drake Drake Drakes were created by the dragons as they indirectly warred with each other. For thousands of years these intelligent, but not sentient, creatures spread across the world. Now they can be found in any environment from the frozen ice sheets, to the deepest oceans, to the heart of an active volcano. Voracious carnivores they can ravage a land then sleep for years or stay active for decades at a time. No matter how they are typically the apex predator in their area. ,
Fryste Fryste Fryste is a large dragon whose body is comprise of ice, snow, and rock. She lives in a deep crevice near the north pole killing any that attempt to approach her domain. Statistics Timeline: Age of Legends - Present History Fryste first appeared during the Age of Legends when
Great Dragon Great Dragon There are twelve (12) Great Dragons on Miranda. Each of them fully capable of swallowing the largest mortal nation whole. These titanic beasts were birthed in the Heart of Mir as the Earthmother built its prison. They live on the world as the last remnant of Mir. It is from the Great Dragons which all
Sha'harra Sha'harra Sha'harra is one of the Great Dragons still left on the world. She, like her kin, was birthed from the blood of Mir when the world was formed. Sha'harra fought against both the demons and angels who sought dominion over this land. She has also killed millions of elves,
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